WELCOME!     Thanks for visiting the website of Australia's Voice Of Elvis Gary Rivers.

When it comes to music of Elvis Presley, we believe there is absolutely no substitute for quality. If you love Elvis' voice & music - you'll understand what we mean when we say Gary Rivers has The Voice. Gary has the feel, empathy and range to suit the Elvis Presley Songbook. He performs Public Concerts, Floor Shows, Corporate Events, Private Functions, Casinos & Outdoor Events everywhere and is based in Melbourne, Australia.  * If your event is on the smaller or a more intimate gathering, for a private or public affair, consider our Mobile Elvis package for a smaller but fun and good quality presentation.


If you're looking for something slightly different from the typical Elvis Presley hip-shaking impersonator, then, you've come to exactly the right place! 

Gary is Australia's premier Elvis vocalist.  He is not the twin or Elvis look-a-like on that we all agree, however, Gary is a high quality musician and entertainer with a voice of such genuine quality and sound you will think it is Elvis himself singing. 


We would like to mention here that there is no 'enhancement' of Gary's voice or electronic 'trickery' and there's been no alteration or re-mixing of Elvis' voice in any music on this site.

Elvis' long time friend and personal music arranger Donnie Sumner from Elvis' band 'The Stamps Quartet' said .. "Gary is the closest sounding voice to my good friend Elvis that I've heard". (and Donnie has heard plenty!)   

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