About Australia's Voice Of Elvis:

Gary Rivers is a professional musician and entertainer with over 25 years experience performing in clubs,casinos, floor shows, show-bands, cabarets, theatre-restaurants & television. He has performed as a solo entertainer, musician and floor show artist and appeared with rock bands, pop bands and show-bands singing all kinds of music and has also performed for Captain Mark Phillips & Entourage. 

Among a wide variety of other music interests, Gary has been a self-confessed Elvis fan since the age of six & has been performing Elvis' music in one form or another for his entire professional life. He can perform many other popular modern music styles as well, however, Elvis' music is one area where he definitely excels. He was dubbed "Australia's Voice of Elvis" by a legion of Elvis fans who have heard Gary's voice and attended his shows.


To see & hear him perform is to understand why he has been given the above-mentioned nickname. Don't let the jumpsuits, the hair & the sideburns fool you, if you're looking to see a performer who TRIES TO BE ELVIS on stage, you're looking in the wrong place! Gary pays a respectful tribute to Elvis Presley and does not try to replace the greatest rock 'n roll entertainer of our times in any way - he is very much himself on stage. A total full-on impersonation is "just not me" said GaryWhen he's asked about being an Elvis artist, Gary says .. 

“The on-stage image is very important and I do wear the identical jumpsuits & other costumes etc when required. I incorporate his famous signature moves in specially selected areas of a show, however, Elvis was a so much more than the gyrating jump-suit image as portrayed by so many artists. I don't pretend to be him on stage, I prefer to be myself and present my own personality and I put a big emphasis on the actual music & the vocals and try to convey the sincerity  & 'feel' that Elvis did through his music performances. We have a great time with it,  so do the audiences, after all, entertaining and singing is what Elvis loved most and his voice is what originally drew hundreds of millions of fans to him. Elvis can never be equalled, but we can pay tribute to the man and the music he gave to the world." 

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