Q. If we want to book Gary for a function or show, what can we expect on the night?

A. Gary will design a performance around your requirements. The performance duration, presentation type and even selected specially requested songs can all be tailored to suit the event. Equipment for sound, lighting, musicians etc will vary and will depend mostly on the size of the venue and the number of attendees expected. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss and provide any information to tailor a package for you. 

Q. I've heard that the total cost of booking a show\performance including equipment, a full live band etc., can be very expensive.

A. For full show, a full live band and backing singers etc will mean booking up to 10-12 musicians, so it isn't cheap, however, there are options;

1) Book a full show presentation with live musicians, back up singers, audio-visual equipment and staging. (Contact us to discuss details)

2) Book a performance using a high quality sound system and lighting and Gary uses professionally recorded backing tracks instead of live musicians. This is one of the most common alternatives, replicates a true Elvis backing, is very cost effective and gives a real "live' experience.

3) If your event is on the smaller or more 'private' side (such as a small function or party) .. have a look at our Mobile Elvis option. 

Q. Does Gary perform a full "Elvis impersonation" ?

 A. The short answer is 'no'. Gay has a full Elvis wardrobe featuring custom designed replica jumpsuits, shirts, jackets, scarves, guitars etc and will dress in customary Elvis style. He does not speak in a southern Elvis accent and repeatedly squawk "thank-yuh-very-much' every few minutes. In other words, Gary doesn't 'pretend' to be Elvis on stage which is something he finds distasteful. His performance is based on paying tribute to Elvis' career and Elvis' music in a quality way and is not trying to be an Elvis 'clone'. It depends on what each customer wants and expects. We cater to most anybody's requirements.

Q. I've been informed there are dozens of Elvis impersonators out there who work cheaply, what makes Gary Rivers any different to them.

A. Gary is an experienced and professional singer\entertainer & musician. He not only performs Elvis shows but also works in a wide variety of other music areas and has done so for many years. He does not have a day job and music is his livelihood. You only need to really listen to his voice to understand the difference between Gary and the stereo-typical cheap impersonator. If you are looking purely for an impersonator or "Elvis clone" there are several local agencies who have a number to choose from. Gary does not work though agenices any more which also saves the client considerable money.

Below are some commonly asked silly questions about Gary Rivers and Elvis:

Q. Does Gary Rivers have a big Southern-style house like Elvis?

Q. Does Gary drive a big American car like a Cadillac or Stutz Blackhawk?

Q. Does he have a dog or a hamster named Elvis?

Q. Does he have a partner that looks like Priscilla?

Q. Does he sleep all day and stay up to sing Gospel songs all night?

Q. Does Gary give away cars or thousands of $$$ worth of jewellery to strangers?

Answer. 'NO' to all 6 questions because sadly, the real Elvis has passed on. Thank-yuh-very-much!