A free download for all Gary's fans & followers! 

We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to build a collection of Gary Rivers Elvis cover-songs ...  and for now, they're free. In this next instalment in our "Gospel Series", Gary sings a beautiful rendition of "Lead Me Guide Me"

Once each month a new Gary Rivers song is posted to this page featuring Gary singing a favourite Elvis cover of his personal choice. (the song is a completed recording .. not a sample)

Gary says "With Elvis' significant list of recordings, there are so many good songs that I find it hard to select one or two absolute favourites ... this page allows me to select a song I really like and upload each one for fans to enjoy". 

A new song will be posted each month for you to download

Some people may say .. 'I can buy Elvis' original songs if I want to hear Elvis". This is very true, however, thousands of people around the world love to hear newer interpretations of old songs  and we think you'll agree that no-one interprets The King's musical sincerity much better than Gary Rivers.

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Lead Me Guide Me (G Rivers).mp3 Lead Me Guide Me (G Rivers).mp3
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"Led Me Guide Me"

Lead Me Guide Me (G Rivers).mp3

On singing songs of The King, Gary says .. "Singing Elvis songs and sounding like The King is not a matter of 'putting on' a vocal sound .. those who try to put it on tend to sound false and over-trying it effects their singing technique. For me, Elvis' interpretation & sincerity along with his natural quality tone is the very essence of his sound and his unique voice".